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208 Talks of Angels

Hard Rock / Industrial - Izhevsk, Russia

208 Talks of Angels was created in 2006, in Russia, by Anthony Fadeyev and several other musicians who decided to join their efforts in the search for a new musical concept, and a new extraordinary sound.  The word “angel” has no religious implication, but is just the translation of Greek “aggelos” that means herald, messenger.  This word is used within this band's musical concept as something progressive and state-of-the-art.  The presence of number “208” is still a secret; soon to be revealed.

The band's style can not be characterized in the usual way, because there are an infinite number of styles mixed and interrelated; after all, the most interesting things are always located at the junction of the cultures.  The best way to describe the sound of 208 Talks of Angels is as the symbiosis of Classics, Industrial, Ballad, Ethnic, Progressive, Electronic, Break Beat, Ambient and many others.  The goal of Deal Mail is to convince people to get out of dictated limits, stereotypes and templates, and to persuade the listeners to comprehend the various kinds of stern reality. 


Digital Downloads:

Dead Mail (2014)

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