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Two Step with Marlon Brando

Pop-Punk - Bloomfield, NJ

With stories reflecting the aspirations of a new generation ready for change, but not without looking back to the nostalgic experiences of hometown and youth, Two Step With Marlon Brando is a trio of individuals burning the midnight oil in pursuit of their dreams of education, love, and music. Their similar interpretation of the modern American dream is what inspires their songs, recognizing the little things that shape who we are. 

From the heart of Essex County New Jersey, to college dorm rooms, to the relentless streets of New York City is where three contrasting personalities merge to write the trials and tribulations of their personal lives. From practices to performances for over half decade, they’ve built a community inspired by self-reflection and ambition. The band members, Christian Ortiz, Steven Moretti, and Michael Fusaro attribute themselves as a cutting edge, class act that you can always find going the extra mile for their fans.



973 (2014)

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