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Three Companies - One Roof

Unable Records

Unable Music Group

0x1 Sound Studio

Unable Records - The independent record label formed by Mike Ransom in 2007. While Unable Records was originally founded as a punk rock label, today it works with bands and artists of all genres, provided the music moves us.  Through Unable Records, we provide artists with the funds, support and guidance to make an outstanding record, from start to finish. We are always open to receiving press kits and discovering new talent, so if you've got what it takes, send something over!

Unable Music Group - The parent company that provides a huge range of services; everything from digital and physical distribution to sync licensing, promotion and PR services. Unable Music Group was formed by the partnership and combination of Unable Records and 0x1 Sound Studio. Unable Music Group is the best place to go for artists and labels of all genres, for comprehensive music marketing solutions. Whether you're an indie band that needs a little help with the DIY or a record label looking for large scale services, Unable Music Group's got a solution for you!

0x1 Sound Studio - The Cherry Hill, NJ-based recording studio founded by Executive Engineer Jason Ruch.  The facility boasts over 3000 square feet of custom built recording and control space, equipped with loads of state-of-the-art gear.  With over 20 years behind the console, Jason is a one-of-a-kind veteran in the recording industry.  0x1 Sound Studio is the place for professional audio productions of any type; ranging from artist tracking and mixing to Foley Art and television productions.

Meet Our Management Team

  • Mike Ransom, Managing Partner  (Founder of Unable Records)

  • Jason Ruch, Partner/Executive Engineer  (Founder of 0x1 Sound Studio)

  • Amanda Price Ransom, Director of Operations Unable Records  (Label Side)

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