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Aki Starr

Dance / House / Pop - San Franciso, CA

Aki Starr is an artist that transcends time with his soulful voice and ability to continuously create and lead pop music trends. Starr is an internationally acclaimed pop singer, songwriter and producer. He is also an accomplished actor, model and dancer; making him a 5-star threat.


Starr’s musical accomplishments have taken him from the dance floor to the homes of millions, writing hits for popular TV shows “Knock First”, “Jake 2.0″, “Malcolm in the Middle”, “Desperate Housewives” and others. Starr has performed with world-class musicians including Malo and Jorge Santana. Additionally, Starr has been a member of the world renowned Renegade Rockers break dance crew, traveling and touring nationwide tearing up dance floors across the country.

Aki Starr has a pulse for what is happening in popular culture and music with his chart-climbing Billboard singles. His songs are played on the radio, in clubs and in hot spots globally. Starr’s songs reign on top 10 dance, club and EDM (electronic dance music) charts making him one of the most relevant singers today.


Digital Downloads:

Tonight (2015)

Tonight [The Remixes] (2015)

Fighting For Your Love [feat Aki Starr] - by Peter K. (2015)

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