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Unable Records is proud to partner with Killer B Guitars, an American manufacturer of custom and semi-custom hand made guitars.  We use their guitars in our on-site recording studio and recommend them to any guitar player. Additionally, Killer B has been awesome enough to endorse some of our roster artists!  Unable Records / Unable Music Group is also an authorized dealer and show room, so now you can try out and purchase a Killer B Guitar directly from us!


Click here to make an appointment for a private test drive one of these beautiful instruments, one-on-one, in our world class recording facility.  Play a Killer B through your choice of any one of our high quality amplifiers and cabinets.  Want us to que up a drum track for you to play along with?  No problem.  Killer B Guitars are a pleasure to play and simply sound amazing.  Once you get your hands on one, you'll understand.  Oh, and did we mention that these things are really affordable? Contact us today to try one out, or to place your order!


Guitars also available for trial and purchase at our Studio/Office location in Cherry Hill, NJ!  Click here to make a private appointment.

Want a fully custom Killer B Guitar?  Contact us here!
About Killer B Guitars:

American Made Guitars for the Working Musician.  Killer B Guitars, based in Memphis, Tennessee, is a unique guitar company.  They blend the classic beauty of guitar designs of the past (or your own design) with all of the modern technology available today.  Guitar Builder Kevin Butts builds each guitar with the heart and soul you would expect from the Home of the Blues and the Birthplace of Rock and Roll.


Custom American made guitar is what they are all about.  No fancy stuff, just hand made guitars designed to accentuate the players using them.  They don’t mass produce, they focus on the needs of our artists and create the perfect instrument designed by them for them.  Killer B Guitars is a small company with big guitars.  Contact us today to find out why their custom guitars are quickly getting noticed in the industry.


Killer B Guitars is a valuable partner of Unable Records and the Unable Music Group.  We use their guitars here in our recording studio, and many of our artists use them out on the road.  Killer B has also always been willing to provide us, and our artists, with invaluable promotional support.  We love Killer B Guitars and can attest to the premium quality of their products, which are proudly made in the USA.  Unable Records is proud to be partnered with Killer B Guitars!

Visit Killer B Guitars:
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