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La Melancolía de Don Quixote

Punk / Hardcore / Horror -  La Chorrera, Panama

La Melancolía de Don Quixote is a horror punk/hardcore band from Panama.  The band’s album, Puta Indiferencia, is a solid blast of thrash heavy old school hardcore. Tracks like “Enough of This” are ready-made for a circle pit, with raw vocals, chanting choruses and driving riffs punctuated with vicious drum beats. The band also displays a versatility with tracks like “Depresión” which delve a bit darker, coming across like a Spanish take on a caffeinated Black Flag. They bounce back and forth between Spanish and English, delivering both with a serious guttural aggression, and also slow their riffs down occasionally for a raw bit of three-chord aggression before picking it back up again for manic vocals, again delivering vitriol in dual languages.


“Rotting Corpses” is a Central American ballad for the Walking Dead fan, opening with samples from what sounds like a Spanish zombie film before devolving into a surreal plodding mostly instrumental bit of high weirdness for a bit before revving it up into sloppy jangly punk with more slam set circular riffs and “whoah-oh” choruses. And “Raise Your Fists” is the sort of thumping anthem that every hardcore band has one of, and makes it their trademark, with dark driving instrumentals and growling vocals.  La Melancolía de Don Quixote is one that fans of true hardcore, no matter the language of the lyrics, can find a good time with.


Digital Downloads:

Puta Indiferencia (2015)


Puta Indiferencia  (2015)

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