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Loss of Reason

Metalcore - Virginia Beach, VA - (Dark Harvest Records)

Loss of Reason is a progressive metalcore band hailing from the mean streets of south central Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Formed in 2002, Loss of Reason made a name for themselves touring heavily up and down the East Coast for many years.  After a few member changes, it was time for Loss of Reason to refine their sound, and head in a new, more aggressive, stage in their career.  With the self-release of Welcome to Aardvark City, Loss of Reason was able to grab the label attention they needed in order to help them boast their name to the masses.  And now with the release of Shark Bites and Lightning Strikes and Voyages on Dark Harvest Records, Loss of Reason aims to be a house hold name in the Metal scene.

Digital Downloads:

Voyages (2014)

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