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Metal / Aggressive Rock - Boston, MA

Boston's Mongrel is a female-fronted metal & aggressive rock band that plays a highly polished sonic assault, both relentless and beautiful in the way they are able to drive their message home from start to finish.  Noted as the hardest working band in Boston by Metal Edge Magazine, Evolution (2014, Unable Records) was their fourth release.  For years now they have been an unstoppable force, taking the bars and hard rock venues of the eastern U.S. by storm.  Show after show, release after release, Mongrel has consistently proven that they are one of the best bands playing in the scene today.  Dan Nelson, formerly of Anthrax, has said, “Mongrel is more than punk, more than metal, they tread the line somewhere in between; a rare musical hybrid that brings the listener into their dangerous and heavy world, then keeps them there with beautiful and unapologetic force”.


Digital Downloads:

Evolution (2014)


Evolution (2014)

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