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Nadia Kazmi

Alternative/Rock/Indie - Calgary, Canada & NYC, USA

Nadia Kazmi is a singer/songwriter originally from Calgary, Canada whose love for lyrics colors her world and songs. She has released two albums worldwide and toured extensively in North America as well as some parts of Europe. Her first album of all original songs, entitled Arrival, was released in 2008. Her second album, Strange Song, released in 2010, consisted of deep cuts from her favorite Leonard Cohen albums. She reimagined Cohen's genius compositions with an alt-rock interpretation. Her next release is her album LAMB which will be released 8/28/15 by Unable. She is currently recording her third full-length album to be released in 2016. The album of original songs takes her further into the direction she first envisioned: poetic folk lyrics with blues rock production. Her songs can be heard in many cable television shows in the US and abroad. She continues to play live in both Northeast US and Canada.




Lamb (2015)

Arrival (2008)


Lamb  (2015)

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