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Peter K

Dance / House / Trance - Nassua County, NY

Peter K’s intense love of music motivated him to travel across the US and abroad so that he could experience the diverse selections of music that were popular in other cities and countries across the globe.  It was during these trips that his passion for music was ignited to a fever pitch, and inspired him to create his own compositions. 

Peter K can currently be found hard at work in the studio producing original tracks, and his long term goal is to develop as a recording artist in his own right and introduce his own music into the marketplace.  Peter K continues to perform at private functions, corporate events as well as his first love, nightclubs.  He continues to eat, sleep and breathe music with the same burning passion that sparked his love for it in the first place.


Digital Downloads:

Stare Into The Sun [feat. Mariah Simmons] (2016)

Fighting for Your Love [feat. Aki Starr] (2015)

Fighting for Your Love [The Remixes] (2015)

Sinner (2015)

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