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28 bands UNITE! to raise money for the music and arts non-profit, 1776 Local!  UNITE! features the following bands:  The Goners (FL), Upper Cut (DC), Amanda Pascali (TX), Anticitizen (NJ), Jimmy Strummer (NJ), Scars and Stripes (FL), Celebrity Graves (OR), The Bastard Suns (GA), Bitch School (OR), Ransom Price (NJ), Twin 55 (PA), Guts for Glory (FL), Point of Anxiety (NJ), The Transmission Now (PA), Point Blank (NJ), Vengents (NJ), Balba (Brazil), The Manhattan Project (NJ), Shadow Merchant (PA), Revast (PA), Traveling Mugs (NJ), Know Your Roots (NJ), The Parasitix (NJ), Killed by Accident (NJ), Murder Majesty (NV), Fate Fell Short (MO), Agata (CA), and Between Angels (Indonesia)!

Various Artists - "UNITE!" - CD

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