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Ransom Price

Punk Rock - Moorestown, NJ

Ransom Price is a punk rock band that makes its home in the Philadelphia suburbs of southern New Jersey.  The band was founded in December 2012 by Mike Ransom, formerly a member of '90s punk band Point Blank, and by former Endless Sacrifice drummer Chris Mazure.  Ransom's songwriting draws heavy musical influence from such bands as Screeching Weasel, The Queers, Green Day, The Bouncing Souls, Mr. T Experience, and other similar acts.  Ransom Price plays catchy and melodic punk rock that is simple, without pretense, and effective.


Having released their first full length album, My Kidnap Money in April 2015, Ransom Price appears to be really hitting their stride. "That was a very personal and, at times, a very difficult record for me," says Mike Ransom, the songwriter of the band and its guitar player and vocalist.  My Kidnap Money confronts poignant issues such as depression, stress, marriage, raising kids and managing the work/life balance.  "I felt captive to some really negative feelings for a really long time, and I think this album really captures that.  Writing it was a definite catharsis for me; and the album is named for the price I paid, and the price those around me paid, before my eventual escape from those feelings."  The 10 song My Kidnap Money is available worldwide on Unable Records.  With all that has been happening recently for the band, it appears that the Ransom Price has finally been paid, and the band is on its way to breaking out.


Digital Downloads:

My Kidnap Money  (2015)

West from El Paso - single  (2013)


My Kidnap Money  (2015)

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