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Grunge - Milan, Italy

Born in 1996, the band started as a teenage power-trio influenced by Nirvana and the Seattle Sound.  Evolved into a more mature line-up in 2005 with Vee (drummer, previously Screaming Elf and Lana/Jestrai Records) joining Ped (vocals and guitar) and Ribo (bass), in a couple of years Shame fully bloomed into a earthshaking, extremely powerful grunge band touring the North of Italy with their original material. They released their first full-length studio album Gone in 2008 and immediately obtained a one-year distribution with Poison Tree Records (California, USA).  In 2011, Shame released Induction of Penitence, a 2-track EP as an appetizer for their album, Entropia, which was released in February 2014 (Unable Records, NJ USA).  In May 2016, Shame released the Digital 45 entitled "Stargazer", also through Unable Records.



Stargazer (2016)

Entropia (2014)

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