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Sleep Juliet

Hard Rock - Nacogdoches, TX

Formed in 2013, the female-fronted Sleep Juliet brings something few people would expect from a small-town East Texas band; explosive and melodic modern hard rock.  After the release of their debut EP Where Nightmares Are Born, the band proved itself on independent radio with tracks such as "Crimson & Cyanide" and "Hero".


As Sleep Juliet pushes forward, it continues to expand its following, enthralling audiences at tour stops both large and small.  Armed with an intense live set and the new EP, the years ahead promise to be very busy as Sleep Juliet pushes out into new territory.  Out on the road the band hopes to meet new friends and fans, but also to push themselves musically beyond anything they ever imagined possible.  Their 2015 single "Unbreakable", their first release with Unable Music Group, promises to push their boundaries even further.


Digital Downloads:

Unbreakable (2015)

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