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Suicide Puppets

Metal - Harrisburg, PA

Suicide Puppets is a six piece metal band hailing from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Blasting their audience to bloody bits of sonic shrapnel, the Suicide Puppets, feature Twisty Suicide on Vocals, Jonny Suicide on bass and backup vocals, Steven Suicide and Tattuicide sharing lead guitar duties, Donnie Von Gailinger on rhythm guitar, and Veritas Suicide on drums.


NEW ALBUM COMING 10-30-2020!



"Tales of Living and Dying on Slaughter Ridge Road" is an all out assault on the senses.  The album is a whirl wind of chugging Industrial infused metal riffs, cacophonous percussion, and in your face vocals that slices through ear drums with the precision of a surgical bone saw that’s guaranteed to leave the listener shell shocked from the eerie beginning to the bloody end. 


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