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Suspicious Minds

Rock / Hard Rock / Heavy Swing

Suspicious Minds is the bastard child of front man Francis James, Guitarist Jordan Taylor Moed, Bassist Dan Morin, and Guitarist Pete Baker. Ushering in a new Rock 'N' Roll style known as “Heavy Swing”. Are You ready? Currently each of these band members live in different parts of the United States (NJ, TN, FL, and NY respectively) but that is not stopping them from creating the hardest swingin’ Rock & Roll this side of the Mississippi. An old friend Chris, aka C-Squared, coined the term "Heavy Swing" as their Rock & Roll genre. The Minds take elements from 1950s era Swing Rock, 70s through early 90s blues inspired hardrock, and add a modern dance-influenced alt-rock flair - and you have what the Minds call "heavy swing". Their debut album, entitled "Electric Elvis", was released March 1st, 2019.  Their live album, "SMTV", was released December 2019.

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