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The Clap

Punk Rock - Catasauqua, PA

The Clap is the Lehigh Valley's oldest and longest running punk band.  They formed in the fall of 1978 in the attic of Johnny’s house.  They were very young when they started; Johnny was the oldest member of the band at 18, and Mike and Robbie were just 15.  Punk rock was just starting to move into the Lehigh Valley and The Clap were pioneers of this movement, inspired by the New York and British punk scenes.  The band started recording their own material in the early '80s and released a few singles and EPs.   They can also be found on a number of compilation CDs and bootlegs.  


Johnny is the only original member remaining in the band these days.  He has formed a solid lineup with Mike DiPaolo on drums and Art Zawodny on guitar.  The Clap are currently playing shows in the eastern United States.  The band is also in the process of writing material for new album hopefully to be released in early 2016. 


Digital Downloads:

Look Before You Leap (1999/2015)

Clean Living & Penicillin (1999/2015)

If Looks Could Kill  (2014)

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