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The Cuthbert Kids

Punk Rock - New Jersey, USA 

Email us at: (Jason Ruch)

The Cuthbert Kids are a punk rock band comprised of current and former members of very popular and established punk rock bands, including Mike Ransom and Jason Ruch. Formed in early 2016 and signed to Unable Records in the fall of 2016, this new band is not so much a side project as it is an "epic punk rock collaboration". The contract with Unable Records is a multi-album deal, ensuring that the band is positioned to supply fans with a steady stream of amazing music for many years to come. One unnamed member of the band stated, "We aren't ready to reveal our entire lineup yet, because we don't want the talk, we don't want the hype, to be a distraction from putting this record together." Unable Records anticipates that the first major release from The Cuthbert Kids will hit the streets in early 2023. Stay tuned!

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