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Metal / Post-hardcore - Reading, PA

Vitruvia is a dynamic, hard-hitting and inspiring band based in Reading, Pennsylvania. The music they create is the sound of ambition, amity and allegiance; that will inspire the next generation. By infusing different influences such as punk, metal, alternative and progressive rock, Vitruvia pounds out that high-energy sound that they call their own. They have a great passion for writing music which exemplifies what they believe in and live for. Vitruvia has shared the stage with national acts such as White Color Sideshow, Superchick, Disciple, Ashes Remain, This or the Apocalypse, and others. They were also recently a part of The Extreme Tour, one of the world's largest tours, traveling up and down the Northern East Coast. 

MUSIC VIDEO:  Let Me Love You (2017)

Digital Downloads:

Let Me Love You (2017)

Reborn (2016)

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