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Von York USA - Musical Accessories

Unable Records is a proud partner of Von York USA, a manufacturer and supplier of premium musical accessories that are all made right here in the United States.  We use their products in our on-site recording studio and recommend them to all of our roster artists.  We're also an authorized dealer, so now you can get everything you need from Von York right from us!

Shop Von York Kelvinite Guitar Strings:

Strings also available at our Studio/Office location in Cherry Hill, NJ!

About Von York:

Von York Inc.'s goal is to develop innovative musical accessories that provide every-day solutions for musicians.  Von York is committed to providing high quality, meticulously thought-out accessories.


Originally founded back in 1993, Von York specializes in the accessories market but is always pushing its boundaries. They use the latest technologie in rapid development, 3D modeling, electro-mechanical engineering, software development and the occasional hammer to always get things just right.  No matter what product you chose from Von York, you can be sure of the quality that is guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations.  When you want the best, accept nothing less than Von York.


Von York is a valuable partner of Unable Records and the Unable Music Group.  They provide us with supplies for our studio and accessories for our bands; not to mention the invaluable promotional support they are always willing to give. We strongly endorse Von York and can attest to the premium quality of their products, which are proudly made in the USA.  Unable Records stands with Von York.

Visit Von York:
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