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Pop, dance - Italy & New Jersey, USA

Giusy Madonia, known professionally as Yuky, is an Italian singer and songwriter. Her love for music has burned within her since she was little. Her brother, a keyboard player in an emergent Italian rock band, exposed her to a wide variety of bands and artists, igniting her passion for music that spans countless genres. Yuky is drawn strongly towards heavier music, like rock, metal, and punk, but also embraces pop, R&B, and even electronic music.


Yuky personifies the concept that music is the best way to express feelings and state of mind and soul. Her sultry, velvety voice is infused with a deep, resonant quality that effortlessly conveys the emotion and passion behind her lyrics. Her writing style, which spans many genres, is heartfelt, unpretentious, and real.


Yuky began her musical career by studying under two important and influential teachers, Alessia Sparacio and blues songwriter Elenora Militello. Yuky won numerous awards while competing in singing competitions throughout Italy, culminating in X Factor, Miss Italia, Mino Reitano Awards appearances. Since then she has signed recording contracts with record labels on both sides of the Atlantic. Most recently, Yuky signed a recording and publishing contract with Unable Records from New Jersey.

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