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Unable Records Signs Adult Film Star Amai Liu

JUNE 23 - Unable Records, a Cherry Hill, NJ-based independent record label, has signed adult film star Amai Liu to a recording contract. Together, Amai and Unable Records will write, record and release a brand new single; but that isn’t the biggest story of the day. It has also been revealed that this unlikely team will be filming the entire process, from songwriting and rehearsal to recording and marketing, in order to produce and release a compelling, behind the scenes docu-series.

“When Amai came to us and expressed an interest in trying to break into the music industry, we knew immediately that this was a project that we wanted to work on,” said Jason Ruch of Unable Records. “Amai has always had a deep love for music, and she is quite talented.”

While discussing the project during meetings at Unable’s Cherry Hill headquarters, it quickly became apparent that the project was larger than just a single. “Everyone kept talking about what an interesting story this is - the porn star turned pop star,” said Mike Ransom, Managing Partner at Unable Records. Despite the risks involved in a project of this type, trying to break someone into an unforgiving industry like music, grappling with the formation and coaching of a new artist, and overcoming the stereotypes and preconceived notions that go along with an adult performer; Unable Records decided to open the entire process to the public in order to tell that story. “All of us will be putting a lot on the line throughout this project; both Amai and the label have a lot to lose. With that said, we felt we had a amazing opportunity to give people a behind the scenes look at not only the making of a record, but the transformation of a career.”

Good or bad, it will all be on display in the docu-series that Unable Records is calling Porn to Pop. It is unclear at this point exactly when the series, and the single on which it is focused, will be released, but the label has indicated it will likely be in early 2016. Additionally, the label has not revealed the genre of Amai’s work, saying only that it falls outside of the rock, metal and punk with which they usually work.

Amai Liu and Unable Records will be jointly launching a crowd-funding campaign in the coming weeks in order to raise the money needed to complete the process of producing, filming and editing the docu-series. Unable Records is currently weighing several options for the release of the series, including shopping it to television networks and other video providers, such as Netflix and Amazon. For more information about Amai, the single and the Porn to Pop docu-series, fans should visit for updates and a longer description of the series.

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