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The Cuthbert Kids Sign to Unable Records

CHERRY HILL, NJ - Unable Records, in a surprise announcement on Tuesday, revealed that they have signed the punk rock band The Cuthbert Kids to a multi-album contract. The signing apparently took place a little over a month ago and the band has already been busy in the studio. While the band’s first original album under the deal isn’t expected until early 2018, Unable Records has hinted that fans may get a taste of what is in store much sooner.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this signing.” said Mike Ransom, Managing Partner at Unable Records. “The Cuthbert Kids embody pretty much everything we look for in a band; work ethic, talent, chops - and great personalities. They are a pleasure to work with, and the music that is emerging really reminds me of the stuff that I grew up with. It’s super exciting!”

Jason Ruch, partner and Chief Engineer at Unable Records’ 0x1 Sound Studio, commented, “These guys really know their stuff and are a lot of fun to work with.” Ruch added that both he and Ransom have been co-writing with the members of The Cuthbert Kids to develop the tracks for their upcoming full length album. “This is an all-star line up that is going to blow punk fans away.”

At this point, neither Unable Records nor The Cuthbert Kids are revealing many details. Even the lineup of the band is murky, although it has been confirmed that the band is comprised of current and former members of several very well known and established punk rock bands; a fact which is sure to spool the punk rock rumor mill into overdrive.

“We aren’t ready to reveal our lineup yet, because we don’t want the talk, we don’t want the hype, to be a distraction from putting this record together.” said an unnamed member of The Cuthbert Kids. “We have a unique opportunity to make something really special and really poignant, and we’ve got the perfect lineup to do it and now the perfect label and studio to do it with. Before we get caught up in the chatter though, we want to focus on making the best music we can make.”

Unable Records says that fans should watch Unable’s social media channels and website closely for developments, as updates and details will be forthcoming. Rest assured, there is an arsenal of outstanding punk rock coming your way very soon!

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