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Philly’s Siravo: Ten years on and still making waves

PHILADELPHIA, PA - “Hard rock” can be a tough genre to define, especially when looking to hang that label on a particular band. Some bands sound more metal; others are closer to alternative. Some may even have a heavy southern rock vibe. Hard rock can mean a lot of things. A lot of the time however, you just know it when you hear it - and that’s the case with Siravo.

Siravo, Philadelphia-based with New Jersey roots, combines aggressive hard rock with meaningful melodies, creating a familiar yet unique sound. Their signature blaring guitars, pounding drum beats, and soaring vocals strike an emotional chord within the listener. Siravo’s mission is simple: to create music that is both identifiable and self-reflective with no apologies.

While Siravo has been taking the stage for over 10 years now, August 2018 is poised to be the biggest month of their careers. Over the course of a six week period, the band will release 5 new singles and a full length album (their 3rd overall). Starting on August 3rd with the release of their single “Down”, Siravo will drop a new single every Friday through the end of the month, culminating in the release of a 9-song album entitled “The Restless & The Mad” on September 7th. The singles and the album are distributed globally by Unable Music Group, and will be available on all major retailers and streaming services. Additionally, the album will be available on CD, with pre-orders now being accepted at

Release Schedule:

  • August 3 - “Down” (single)

  • August 10 - “25 or 6 to 4” (single - cover song)

  • August 17 - “The Restless and The Mad” (single)

  • August 24 - “I Wanna Know” (single)

  • August 31 - “In This Moment” (single)

  • September 7 - “The Restless & The Mad” (ALBUM)

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