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Unable Records Signs Denver Punk Veterans King Rat

CHERRY HILL, NJ / DENVER, CO - Unable Records is proud to announce that it has signed the veteran punk rock band King Rat to its extensive roster. The deal calls for a full length album of all new material to be released globally in late 2016, or in 2017. While the release date is still yet to be determined, there is no question as to the excitement surrounding this agreement. “Some decisions are easy to make,” according to Jason Ruch, Chief Engineer at New Jersey-based Unable Records. “King Rat is truly one of those few bands that you just know you have to work with.”

“I became a fan of King Rat the first time I heard their music. It’s gritty, it’s blue collar, it’s got heart,” adds Mike Ransom, Unable Records’ Managing Partner. “Then, after talking to the band a few times, I realized that these are guys that Unable has to make a record with. These dudes are the real deal.”

To anyone that has been following King Rat over the years, this signing should come as no surprise. King Rat, based in Denver, Colorado, has been cranking out original two-and-a-half minute tirades about partying, passion and pain for 22 years now. Their DIY character and bring-it-on attitude confronts banality while hacking away at the strictures of the status-quo. King Rat celebrates the rush of joy at life’s brightest pinnacle, and traverses the mire of despair in life’s deepest trough. Their music applies literary blue collar grit to the old-school punk rock ascetic. The result is a sound that presents courage, calamity, sarcasm and rage in varying degrees. King Rat has issued nine releases spanning their 22-year career. Number ten promises to be a breakout album.

Unable Records has been deeply rooted in the punk rock scene since their 2007 debut release of “Dropping Expectations”, a split featuring The Bastard Suns and No Fuego. Since that time, the label has issued punk releases from bands like Murder Majesty, Ransom Price, Fury Within, The Turnbucklers, Point Blank and others. Unable Records has also been a strong force in the metal scene recently, highlighted by the signings of Violence in Ascension and Mexican Ape-Lord. The label even recently collaborated with Roc Cartel on the release of pop-singer Raquel Castro’s hit single “Young & Dumb”. At the end of the day however, Unable Records remains dedicated to, and focused on, the punk scene; a scene in which the label was born and raised. The signing of King Rat marks a return to it’s roots, a return that promises to be big news for punk fans the world over. The label even promises a few surprises along the way, so fans should follow Unable Records and King Rat closely for details. Don’t miss the brand new full length album from King Rat, coming soon on Unable Records.

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